TAD Issue Report – Individual TAD reports detailing location, socioeconomic, and transportation characteristics. Presents high crash analysis, access to clusters, and future socioeconomic and transportation conditions.

Regional Report – Provides a broad look at transportation planning issues and trends with data presentation and analysis on topics including socioeconomic statistics and forecasts, congestion, and commuting patterns.

Crash Report – Identifies high crash locations by type of roadway facility and an assessment of locations with a high number and rate of crashes involving pedestrians and bicyclists.

Congestion Management Process (CMP) -Identifies congestion problem locations and cost-effective strategies to mitigate congestion in the region without adding capacity.

ITS Architecture – Outlines the roadmap for intelligent transportation systems (ITS) integration in the KIPDA region over the next 10-20 years.

Performance Management Plan – Outlines federally-required performance measures and MPO-developed performance measures. The plan also provides the framework for collecting and analyzing the data that is needed to identify baselines and set targets for both the federally-required performance measures and the additional MPO-developed performance measures.

Environmental Justice – Details the development of Environmental Justice Study Areas, specific needs, and ways to mitigate disproportionate environmental impacts. It also reviews the benefits and burdens of transportation projects in Environmental Justice Study Areas and describes how to implement Environmental Justice in the planning processes.

KIPDA Transportation Studies