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Welcome to the MTP/TIP Interactive Project Map page.  These Maps allow you to search, query results, view and print maps of current projects in MTP (Metropolitan Transportation Plan) and TIP (Transportation Improvement Program).

Use the links below to navigate to the maps:

MTP Interactive Project Map

TIP Interactive Project Map


Instructions :

Search and Query tools:

The search tools are located at the bottom left and side of users screen.

There are two ways to search for projects, either by Group or by Location.

By default the Group search is displayed.

To use this search function select group from drop down menu under

Select a Group to Filter’

Once Group is selected use second drop down to view and select options.


In the diagram below we have selected our Group to filter as Sponsor  and our Sponsor name to Shepherdsville.  Click ‘Apply’ to run the search.

searctool set

The Search by Group tool will query, draw, and zoom to ONLY the projects that meet the parameters set in the search.


View attributes for projects queried by clicking on arrow at the bottom of the map.  This will expand the attribute table.




Search By Location Tool can also be selected by clicking on the option.

This tool will first require you to choose which layer you would like to query under Tasks


Once the Layer is selected you will be able to choose from several drawing options to select the area of the map you would like to search.  Below we have selected the circle shape.  Once your search location has been drawn click ‘Apply‘ to run the search.

Search draw

The Search By Location Tool will highlight any projects that fall within the boundary drawn and display attribute information in the sidebar.  You can click on the attributes and the tool will zoom in close on that particular project.


Click on the 3 small dots next to drop down to view more options available including.

Export to CSV

View Attributes in table (same as Search by Group attribute table expand)